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Interested in learning how to paddle?
Want to improve your whitewater paddling skills?
Want to learn how to read a river better?
Annual membership due now.

Download the Mach 1 Membership Form to renew your membership and/or register for 2014 basic skills classes. Membership Form for USA Canoe Kayak: http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Canoe-Kayak/Membership

If you answered "yes" to any of the above

The Mach 1 Slalom Team is for you!

June Basic Camp • June 13–15
“Celebrating 50 Years at Sunnyside”

Sign up now for our June Basic Camp!
Just in time for summer boating, river runs, or to
sharpen your skills for the fall Penn Cup/PAL series!

Day Time Session
Thu, Jun 12 4 p.m. Early signup and wet exits
Fri, Jun 13 4 – 6 p.m. Early signup and wet exits
6 p.m. We’ll bring in pizza
7 p.m. Lesson 1: Sweep strokes
Sat, Jun 14 9 a.m. Lesson 2: Stern draw
11:30 a.m. Lunch (subs)
1–3 p.m. Lesson 3: Duffek
4–6:30 p.m. Lesson 4: Forward stroke and trip to Milesburg
Sun, Jun 15 1 p.m. Lesson 5: Reverse stroke and graduation (timed runs)

These are excellent sessions to launch a boating career.

Call Coach Kurtz at 814-222-0052 or 814-237-7727 for details or just drop by Sunnyside Paddling Park weekdays between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. (some nights until dark) to watch a training/practice session, ask questions and chat with Team members, or try it out yourself!

2014 Slalom & Downriver Race Calendar

For more details, see Events.
(t) = tentative date; Int'l/Nat'l races italicized
16 Dickerson Elite At#1 Dickerson, MD
22–23 Jr./U23 Team Trials #2   Nantahala-NOC, NC
28-30 Senior Team Trials— National Course   Charlotte, NC
29 Red Mo Downriver Moshannon, PA
6 Punchbrook SL-Farmington R. PAL#1; NESS #1; WSF Burlington, CT
12–13 NE Triple Crown Tariffville, CT
20 Mascoma SL WSF Hanover, NH (t)
22-27 Junior/U23 World Championships Penrith, Australia
27 Blackwater SL NESS #2; WSF Webster, NH
3-4 Kish Slalom
"Mach One's finest"
PAL #2; At#2 Reedsville, PA
4 Kenduskeag, SL NESS #3; WSF Bangor, ME
11 Fiddlehead SL NESS #4; WSF Montpelier, VT
18 Covered Bridge SL PAL #4; NESS #5; WSF Cornwall, CT
24-25 10-Mile River Clinic and SL   Webatuck, NY
31- June 1 Tariffville SL NESS #6; WSF Tariffville, CT
31 - June 1 Feeder Summer SL PAL #5; At#5 Bethesda, MD
Rescheduled from May 17-18 due to high water
7 aft. Dickerson Practice   Dickerson, MD
8 Dickerson Intermediate At#3 Dickerson, MD
9 Feeder Spring SL PAL #3; At#4 Bethesda, MD
15 Winni SL  (Tilton) NESS #7; WSF Northfield, NH
16-19 Wildwater National Championship NOC, NC
21 Age Groups Nationals Wausau, WI
8 – 11 Junior Olympics
SL Champ (Aug 11)
9-10 Dog Days SL PAL #6; Penn #1 Bellefonte
16-17 Riversport SL PAL #7; Penn #2 Confluence, PA
23-24 Sunnyside SL PAL #8;Penn #3 Bellefonte
13-14 Larry March SL PAL #9   Penn #4 Allentown, PA
17-21 World SL Champ Deep Creek, MD
27-28 Fiddlers Elbow SL PAL#10; Penn #5 Hummelstown, PA
4-5 National Champ plus Jr./U23 Trials Dickerson, MD
4-5 Esopus SL NESS #8 Phoenicia, NY
11-12 (t) Bellefonte SL PAL #11; Penn #6 Bellefonte
18-19 Farmington SL NESS #9 E. Otis, MA

About Sunnyside Paddling Park's Year-Round Training Course and Mach 1:

Visit Sunnyside Paddling Park to view our year-round training course where kids and adults alike can develop basic, advanced, or expert skills paddling a kayak or canoe on whitewater. The Mach 1 Slalom Racing Team includes all skill levels — from beginners to those competing at state, regional, national and international levels.

Give it a try! We welcome visitors and have boats and equipment to use if you'd like to try it out!

Sign up for instruction in this high-value educational sport. We recommend ages 10 and up. Instruction is by appointment and can be arranged to fit into anyone’s schedule.

Call Coach Kurtz at 814-222-0052 or 814-237-7727 for details or just drop by Sunnyside Paddling Park weekdays between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. (some nights until dark) to watch a training/practice session, ask questions and chat with Team members, or try it out yourself!

Directions to Sunnyside Paddling Park:
Sunnyside Paddling Park is located on the west bank of Spring Creek across from Tussey Mountatin Outfitters in Belleftone, PA, on Sunnyside Blvd. From the Bellefonte Borough Building at the intersection of Lamb and Water Street, cross the Lamb Street bridge. Turn right at the stop sign to the Unimart. Stay slow and bear right at the first paved road (Thomas Street), which makes a quick right-hand dogleg. Cross the railroad tracks, one-lane bridge and bear right. In about 300 feet, park in the gravel lot next to the NBERR railroad access gate (do not block gate) or across the street. Only use the railroad pedestrian crossing just on the other side of the access gate to cross the tracks (This is a live rail line - Cross with caution at all times.). Welcome to Sunnyside!

Full membership in Mach 1 includes year-round use of all club equipment at Sunnyside Paddling Park which makes this sport incredibly affordable. Paddling trips are scheduled in accordance with river conditions and races are a great place to improve skills and develop experience.

Welcome Aboard New Paddlers

Follow these instructions and you'll be paddling in hours instead of days. Now is the time!

  1. Read or print the Kayaking and Canoeing page below
  2. Bring down the 2-page document that describes the general situation for getting into slalom paddling designed for kids 10-12 years old, click HERE
  3. Bring down the Step-by-Step process page which is similar to the General Instructions page (2, above), click HERE
  4. Bring down the Membership Form. The $100 covers costs of instruction as well as essentially all equipment you'll need for the rest of the year, click HERE
  5. Bring down the Ins and Outs page which helps us plan the timing of the sessions during each week. Planning is done also for transportation issues of getting to the Sunnyside Paddling Park and return home, click HERE
  6. Fill out the form giving your contact information to us. This is very similar to the Membership form, click HERE . This information would be for us to contact you in setting up a definite time to meet at the Sunnyside Paddling Park to see the site for paddling and view our available equipment at our headquarters.

Call Dave Kurtz to verify your interests and plans and get started at 814-237-7727 (home) or 814-222-0052 (cell) or by email d1k@psu.edu.


PAL Slalom Kayaking League is sponsored by the Mach One Team!


Whitewater Skills in Slalom Boating



Hey Kids 10-18

PAL Slalom League is Here!

Kayaking and Canoeing


Join in the fun to determine which

kayak slalom



6-8 local teams are forming

95% of team members are brand new to the sport like you.

Both boys and girls are needed on each team.


  • Whitewater Safety is Prime!
  • Sportsmanship’s the Rule
  • Basic Instruction by Nationally Known Dave Kurtz for All
  • Kids can be in Other Sports and Still Contribute
  • Primary Training & Practice at Bellefonte’s Sunnyside Paddling Park

Description of the Whole Program is found... Here.

Find out team composition  … Here

Mach One is the League Sponsor
Member USA Canoe/Kayak Team

US Tax deductible Organization

Scout Members:
We'll be working on the Whitewater MB, Kayaking MB,Kayak Award & Canoeing MB

Call Dave Kurtz, Head Coach at 814-237-7727 or 814-222-0052 for more information

Membership Form for USA Canoe Kayak: http://canoekayak.teamusa.org/content/index/1626
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